Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC)

Established in 1974, Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) is widely acknowledged as Australia’s leading centre for contemporary arts and community engagement. FCAC is a unique place of learning and sharing where the dynamic between community, culture and contemporary art is explored and celebrated. Located in the western suburb of Footscray, FCAC has been providing an innovative, artistic and cultural hub for Melbourne’s west community and greater. The on-going redevelopment and expansion of Footscray Precinct and the ever growing multicultural community lead FCAC to refresh and reposition their branding and collateral to ensure relevance and effectiveness in reaching the region’s changing demographic.

Our approach and methodology

Before beginning the creative process, Sweet Creative and FCAC conducted intensive workshop discussing and answering key questions such as:

  • FCAC key competitors and aspirations
  • What the staff and their target audience think about FCAC
  • What the staff and their target audience wants FCAC to be
  • What they think about current identity
  • What they want the new identity to evoke, achieve, represent
  • What makes FCAC different
  • What is FCAC personality
  • What they think is a great and effective logo
  • What colours, types and shapes they like and dislike

Sweet defined the FCAC vision, mission, values, positioning, brand personality, their goals and objectives.  Sweet created a suite of three different FCAC marks and patterns to be applied to all FCAC collateral allowing accessibility and flexibility in colour, mono and web applications.


Creative Strategy Creating a contemporary, engaging and innovative mark and visual language that represents and highlights Footscray’s vibrant, creative and multi-cultured community. Creating an identity that is able to tell the FCAC story and proudly represent FCAC in the arts and culture landscape. Creating a striking and distinctive supporting visual language that is able to engage public to converse and collaborate creatively.


The Creative Idea

Drawing on information from the market research document and workshops with FCAC key staff members and shareholders, Sweet Creative developed a ‘Creative Idea’ that is distinctive to FCAC.

FCAC is the driving force and leader of arts and culture in Melbourne’s west and Australia.

The brand reflects FCAC's brand charter which is deeply rooted in the vibrant, creative and diverse community it represents. The brand, like the community and the arts centre is illustrated in the ever-changing patterns in the FCAC mark.