Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation

Project Background

Through thorough research Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation (RMHF) has identified a need to build their current community support and re-establish itself 
as both worthy and needing the support of all Victorians. This exercise includes 
re-branding RMHF and re-positioning RMHF as one of the significant fundraisers and support to Victorian hospitals and the community. Sweet was assigned to redefine RMHF’s business strategy, brand model and architecture which resulted in the re-branding and re-positioning of RMHF, refreshing the RMHF look and feel to be more relevant in the current landscape 
and the redefinition of their communication and campaign messages.


Creative Strategy

Sweet Creative believes a strong brand and visual tools with a unique, consistent communication campaign and collateral will enhance RMHF profile, add value to RMHF brand and their associated stakeholders and increase support to the Foundation and Hospital. The next step was to develop a creative idea based on the Foundation and Hospital core values, brand leverage and customer needs. The creative idea will become the Foundation positioning line and set the look and feel of all RMHF visual and communication campaign and collateral.


Creative Idea

You never know when you’ll need us.

This creative idea becomes RMHF positioning line and sets a foundation for their campaign message, tone and visuals.


Return on Investment (ROI)

RMHF re-branding and re-positioning have been well-received and led to an increase to an awareness of RMHF brand which supported a strengthening
in corporate sponsorship opportunities and a growth in private giving.